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Episode 18: Haliwax Radio Episode 18 Haliwax Radio

Song: Private LivesBand: Private LivesFrom: MontrealAlbum: Self-titled, 2022Song: Montreal Band: ThickFrom: Brooklyn, New YorkAlbum: Happy Now, 2022Label: Epitaph Records
Song: Punk Rock LoserBand: Viagra BoysFrom: Stockholm, SwedenAlbum: Cave World, 2022Song: Hey Yo  Band: Dave Rocket And The JobbersFrom: London, OntarioAlbum: Split with Dave Rocket And The Jobbers, 2022Label: Faster And Louder RecordsSong: Just For MeBand: The Follow UpsFrom: Moncton, New BrunswickAlbum: Split with Dave Rocket And The Jobbers, 2022Label: Faster And Louder RecordsSong: I Lost My Mind (cover of Johnny Terrein And The Bad Lieutenants)Band: The Suck From: PennsylvaniaAlbum: Split, 2022Label: Faster And Louder RecordsSong: Look How Scary I AmBand: Maggot HouseFrom: Brooklyn, New York Album: Creeps Unite, 2022Song: Graveyard (cover of Dead Moon)Band: Dumpster RatsFrom: Kansas CityAlbum: Trick or Shriek, 2022Label: Dirtbag Distro Records Song: Little CreatureBand: Stiff RichardsFrom: Melbourne, Australia Album: Self-titled, 2022Label: Drunken Sailor Records Song: Grip and The EndBand: Split SystemFrom: Melbourne, Australia Album: Vol. 1, 2022Label: Drunken Sailor Records Song: Paid Late and I’ve Been Drunk In Every Pub In Brisbane Band: The ChatsFrom: Sunshine Coast, Australia Album: Get Fucked, 2022Song:  SuspectedBand: SuspexFrom: HalifaxAlbum: Demo, 2022Label: Greymatter TapesSong:  H-Bomb WarsBand: Organized ChaosFrom: UKAlbum: Still Having Fun, 2022Label: Sealed Records Song: MannequinBand: AlternativeFrom: ScotlandAlbum: If They Treat You Like Shit – Act Like Manure, 2023 (re-issue from 1985)Label: Sealed RecordsSong: Slice Up The Pie Band: Off!From: Los Angeles Album: Free LSD, 2022Song: Can’t Deny ItBand: TurnstileFrom: MarylandAlbum: Nonstop Feeling, 2015Song: Like The Devil (sung in Persian)Band: EterazFrom: Olympia, Washington Album: Villain, 2022Label: Iron Lung Records Song: Matter Is An Illusion Band: Cursed ArrowsFrom: Nova Scotia Album: Crone, 2022Song: Penpals (cover of Sloan)Band: Benny FongFrom: Nova ScotiaAlbum: Slow Ones, 2021 Song: Rich HuntBand: Trash BrainFrom: Sydney, Nova Scotia Album: Hot as Luv, 2022Song: Absolute Maximum Band: ScrunchiesFrom: MinneapolisAlbum: Feral Coast, 2022Label: Dirtnap Records 
Song: BellevueBand: The Bobby LeesFrom: Woodstock, New YorkAlbum: Bellevue, 2022Song: (My Human) Extinction Band: Dead FinksFrom: BerlinAlbum: The Death and Resurrection of Johnathan Cowboy, 2022Label: Urge RecordsSong: Splittin’ ImageBand: Green ReflectorsFrom: Bridgewater, Nova Scotia Album: Single, 2022Song: Traffic LightsBand: Bikini beach From: Konstanz, GermanyAlbum: Single, 2022Song: SunriseBand: Flying DiskFrom: Fossano, ItalyAlbum: In The Heart Of The City, 2022Label: Forbidden Place Records Song: Over The HillBand: Gutter OilFrom: Perth, Australia Album: Demo, 2022Label: Helta Skelta Records Song: The JankBand: G.R.O.S.S.From: Nova Scotia Album: Demo, 2022Label: Sewercide Records Song: SpellBand: ViolinFrom: London, UKAlbum: Self-titled, 2022Label: La Vida Es Un Mus DiscosSong: You’re A CreepBand: The UnknownsFrom: Brisbane, Australia Album: Nothing Will Ever Stop, 2020Song: SergiBand: Digger And The PussycatsFrom: Melbourne, Australia Album: Watch Yr Back, 2005Song: Gimme What’s Left of Your LoveBand: FreeloaderFrom: BostonAlbum: Devil Rockin' Freeloader, 2022Label: Rum Bar Records Song: How Ya Gettin' On?Band: An SluaFrom: Galway, IrelandAlbum: How Ya Gettin' On? 2022Label: Discos EnfermoSong: Iron LungBand: MitrailleFrom: Diest, BelgiumAlbum: Self-titled, 2022Label: Belly Button Records Song: Wanna Be AloneBand: ToeheadsFrom: DetroitAlbum: Watch it Die, 2022 (split with The Stools)Song: Surfin IonaBand: Night CourtFrom: VancouverAlbum: Greatest Hits, 2022Label: Discos PeroquebienSong: NightfallBand: ExwhiteFrom: GermanyAlbum: Complete Collection, 2022Label: Discos PeroquébienSong: Space GuitarBand: The SpitsFrom: Kalamazoo, MichiganAlbum: III, 2003Song: United States Of Whatever Band: Liam LynchFrom: Petersburg, VirginiaAlbum: Fake Songs, 2003
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