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Episode 10: Haliwax Radio Episode 10 Haliwax Radio

Song: Caffeine BluesBand: Gray MatterFrom: Washington, D.C.Album: Food For ThoughtLabel: Originally released on R&B Records in 1985 and later re-issued on DischordSong: Bloated DesperationBand: Louisville BurnoutsFrom: Nova Scotia Album: Single, 2021Song: HowlBand: PredatorFrom: AtlantaAlbum: Spiral Unfolds, 2021Label: Total Punk RecordsSong: Jaded (I’m So)Band: LeDrew, Luke & CroweFrom: HalifaxAlbum: Left Undone, 2020Song: The WalkBand: The Town HeroesFrom: Halifax Album: Home, 2021Song: Are You Ready To Become The Moon?Band: Elk LodgeFrom: DartmouthAlbum: What if I told you there were two Henrys in the room?, 2013Label: 22nd Century AlbumsSong: NymphomercialsBand: The LorrainasFrom: Hamilton, OntarioAlbum: Fast Kitties, 2005Song: EyesBand: Wine LipsFrom: TorontoAlbum: Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party, 2021Song: Pigs In The PitBand: Gee TeeFrom: Sydney, AustraliaAlbum: Live And Dangerous II, 2020 (Goner Fest online)Song: Million Watts Electrified Band: The Lords Of AltamontFrom: Los AngelesAlbum: Tune In Turn On Electrify, 2021Label: Sympathy for the Record IndustrySong: Staring At ScreensBand: Smirk (Solo project by Nic Vicario)From: CaliforniaAlbum: Self-titled EP, 2021Label: Iron Lung RecordsSong: Negative Outlook Band: Direct Threat From: Denver, ColoradoAlbum: Demo, 2021Label: Quality Control HQSong: EnemyBand: SlantFrom: South KoreaAlbum: Lungs-174Label: Iron Lungs RecordsSong: Petro State Band: AntibodiesFrom: Charlottetown, Prince Edward IslandAlbum: LP 2021Label: Sewercide Records Song: Stupid VacationBand: FrvitsFrom: MontrealAlbum: Stupid Era EP, 2021Label: Slovenly Recordings Song: Breed (cover of Nirvana to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Nevermind) Band: The DollyrotsFrom: Los Angeles Album: Single, 2021Song: Ghost On The Highway (cover of The Gun Club in 1981)Band: LA WitchFrom: CaliforniaAlbum: Split single with The Coathangers, 2021Label: Suicide Squeeze RecordsSong: Thru The Flowers (cover of The Primitives, 1987)Band: Star PartyFrom: WashingtonAlbum: Paid By Rock, Compilation, 2021Label: Girlsville RecordsSong: Just Yesterday Band: Sun Room From: San Diego, California Album: Somewhere Tropical, 2021Song: Something On My MindBand: The Crazy SqueezeFrom: Los AngelesAlbum: Self-titled, 2015Song: El Ultimo Dia Band: TelekrimenFrom: Mexico CityAlbum: Culto a lo Imbécil, 2019Label: Slovenly RecordingsSong: My ScooterBand: Sonic Surf CityFrom: SwedenAlbum: Pororoca! 2010Label: Killer Cobra RecordsSong: Beat That DrumBand: Chubby And The GangFrom: London, EnglandAlbum: The Mutt’s Nuts, 2021Song: Don’t Want You Back Band: SnideFrom: Originally from Spain; now from UKAlbum: Snide: The Early Years, 2021Label: Dammit RecordsSong: Squabble Band: The LipschitzFrom: ChicagoAlbum: Chevron, 2021Song: Ski MaskBand: Spirit Of The WildfireFrom: HalifaxAlbum: Single, 2021Song: Out For Blood and Sneakin Out To SmokeBand: SurveillanceFrom: HalifaxAlbum: Planet Serum, 2021Song: Smell My Tongue Band: The Monsters From: Bern, Switzerland Album: Voodoo Rhythm Label Compilation Vol . 5, 2021Label: Voodoo Rhythm Records Song: Crank It Up Band: SloksFrom: Turin, ItalyAlbum: A knife in your hand, 2021Label: Voodoo Rhythm Records Song: Zegway CopBand: Lassie From: Leipzig, GermanyAlbum: The Golden Age Of . . ., 2021Label: Discos PeroquébienSong: ShackledBand: Napalm RaidFrom: Halifax Album: Wheel of War, 2017Song: Commence Human SlaughterBand: Ritual Warfare From: HalifaxAlbum: Total World Extermination – Total Fucking Annihilation, 2019Song: Manufactured DestructionBand: SquanderFrom: HalifaxAlbum: Single, 2021Song: Human SicknessBand: Blunt Force Grind From: HalifaxAlbum: Slackjaw, 2020Song: ExtinctionBand: Thousand KnivesFrom: HalifaxAlbum: Self-titled, 2021
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