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Episode 11: Haliwax Radio Episode 11 Haliwax Radio

Song: SuckBand: Anxious PleasersFrom: Hamilton, Ontario Album: Self-titled, 2021Label: Neon Taste RecordsSong: Theory of RelativityBand: Brutal YouthFrom: Toronto Album: Stay Honest, 2013 Song: AusterityBand: DogmaFrom: OttawaAlbum: Self-titled, 2021Label: A World DividedSong: Calling All GirlsBand: Josie CottonFrom: Los AngelesAlbum: Single, 2021Song: SportsBand: Viagra BoysFrom: Stockholm, SwedenAlbum: Street Worm, 2018Song: Spring BreakBand: The SorelsFrom: Winnipeg, Manitoba Album: Single, 2021Label: Reta RecordsSong: Devil’s DipBand: The GarrysFrom: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Album: Get Thee To A Nunnery, 2021Song: Sneaky Feelin’ Band: Magic Roundabout From: Manchester, UKAlbum: Up, 2021Label: Third Man RecordsSong: I Bought My Jeans At Sham Shui PoBand: Sai Ying PunxFrom: Hong KongAlbum: Ride With Me!, 2021Song: MysteryBand: Ex PressFrom: St. John’s, Newfoundland Album: Itchy To Move, 2021Song: The War WithinBand: Piss HorseFrom: Moncton, New BrunswickAlbum: Self-titled, 2020Song: BloodhoundBand: ScowlFrom: Santa Cruz, California Album: How Flowers Grow, 2021Label: Flatspot Records  Song: Kill Me In New OrleansBand: Only Vultures LeftFrom: HalifaxAlbum: Lost In The Sky Demo, 2017Song: Psychocastle and Sad Blue EyesBand: TarakaFrom: New YorkAlbum: Welcome to Paradise Lost, 2021Song: DagonBand: Blonde RevolverFrom: Melbourne, Australia Album: Self-titled EP, 2021Song: ClawsBand: Sister Suzie From: Edmonton, Alberta Album: Don’t Want ToLabel: Reta RecordsSong: Teen EngineBand: BambiesFrom: Montreal Album: Summer Soon, 2021 Label: Reta RecordsSong: Closer To The LightBand: Colouring Outside From: Saint Pierre and Miquelon, FranceAlbum: Dead and Dying Town, 2021Song: Rogna Band: Comunione From: Milan, Italy Album: Self-titled, 2021 Label: Sentiero Futuro AutoproduzioniSong: SpiderBand: CAVAFrom: BerlinAlbum: PLATTEBAUSUBSTANZ (compilation), 2021Label: BRUNO ist DagegenSong: Cada DiaBand: EstorboFrom: MontrealAlbum: Self-titled, 2021Label: A World DividedSong: Todos TerroristasBand: Bosque RojoFrom: Montreal Album: Self-titled, 2021Label: A World DividedSong: State KissBand: IlusionFrom: MontrealAlbum: Ilusion, 2021Label: A World DividedSong: La Muerte Esta Lla mandoBand: Mujeres PodridasFrom: Austin, TexasAlbum: Muerte en Paraíso, 2021Label: Beach Impediment RecordsSong: Mum Stole My DartsBand: The ChatsFrom: Sunshine Coast, Australia Album: Self-titled EP, 2016Song: Back Seat Cigarettes Band: Cromm FallonFrom: Las VegasAlbum: ROCKTOBER II (Free digital) label sampler, 2021Label: Rum Bar RecordsSong: DaddyBand: BeexFrom: Richmond, VirginiaAlbum: The Early Years: 1979 – 1982, 2021Label: Beach Impediment RecordsSong: SlackerBand: Mean Motor ScooterFrom: Fort Worth, TexasAlbum: Only The Strange Survive, 2021Label: Saustex RecordsSong: Bring Us The NightBand: Cliff And IvyFrom: Anchorage, AlaskaAlbum: Only The Strange Survive, 2021Label: Saustex RecordsSong: Civilization Band: Uncle ToastyFrom: Fort Worth, TexasAlbum: Only The Strange Survive, 2021Label: Saustex RecordsSong: 2021Band: White StainsFrom: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Album: Blood On The Beach, 2021Label: Neon Taste RecordsSong: Runia Del Hombre Band: HezFrom: PanamaAlbum: Guerra Interior, 2021Label: Discos Enfermos Song: Canada Da Da Dadada DaBand: Captain SunshineFrom: Nova ScotiaAlbum: The Rise And Fall Of Captain Sunshine, Pt.!, 2021 
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