From Atlantic Canada:
Spirit Of The Wildfire (punk)
Mark Vodka Group (garage punk)
Booji Boys (punk)
Dustbowl (garage)
Dimension Boys (punk)
Outtacontroller (garage punk)
The Green Reflectors (surf)
Like A Motorcycle (grunge punk)
Human Missile Crisis (garage punk)
Topless Models (hard rock)
Weekend Dads (garage punk)
Slowcoaster (reggae/dub)
Juicebox (pop punk)
Grump (hardcore punk)
The Bloody Hell (horror punk)
The Cathartics (pop punk)
Cold Warps (garage punk)
Best Fiends (garage)
Urban Surf Kings (surf)
Crossed Wires (garage)
Cousins (garage)
The Shakedown Combo (rockabilly)
Shoulder Season (garage)
Tangent (garage)
The Stolen Minks (garage punk)
Plumtree (garage, defunct)
Keith Hallett (blues country)
The Mouthbreathers (pop punk)
Phone Jerks (garage punk)

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